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Hi, I am Travis Edrington, and yes, I know, my site is not very plesent to look at...I am a programmer, not a designer. Yeah, this is a work in progress, I want to make it a little more eye friendly (e-mail me suggestions). I have plans to make the site accessible to handheld devices. For now, you can use the links below, and from this point on, a menu will be on the side to access all pages. There is also a menu labeled "Settings." Right now, there is only the colors option. You can choose what color you want all the text and the background of all of the web pages. I plan to add more settings to allow for more customization. When you set a setting, the data is stored locale on your computer in a cookie. If you do not want a cookie written, then just do not change any settings.

If you are here wanting to see my camping blog from last summer, http://campinglifeguard.blogspot.com/.
If you are here to view the data from the Kill-A-Watt project, click here.
If you want to view the weather links, click here.
If you are wanting to view computer security information, click here.
If you want to view my reviews for computer programs, click here.
If you want to learn how to reinstall your computer the way i do it, click here.
If you want to see some of the panaramics that I have taken, click here.
If you need maps of northland college (Jennifer), click here.
And if you want to learn something about Wysiwyg vs HTML source editors, click here. (This is for you Adrien)

From the guy with his eye on the sky: Travis